Riceworks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps Sweet Chili Brown Rice


For quite some time brown rice crisps/chips seem to be a big trend with many private labels starting to follow suite. I picked up the Sweet Chili flavor by Riceworks with it being my first try at this new mesh of brown rice as a chip. The seasoning was quite prominent, and the chips did resemble a chip. Various specks of grains were visible, similar to tortilla chips. It gives me this illusion that it is healthier, and really, it can be considered an alternative to Doritos should one be concerned. Regardless, I am very impressed with how brown rice could equate to chips.

They have a delicious flavor note of spices that are not too overpowering. Ever had that lingering aftertaste from eating too many Sweet Chili Heat Doritos? Okay, well I have, and it isn’t all that pleasant. In contrast, Riceworks has a good balance of sweetness paired with spiciness.

They are also gluten free, and are a great alternative to those finger-staining Doritos if you have one of those want-to-be-healthy moments, but not really. Mind you, these did leave my fingers with a chili coating… but only for a brief second.

Ratings and Details

Cost: $1.99 for 150 grams (on sale).
Value for Cost: Good.
Availability: Larger grocery stores, and natural food stores. Can also be found occasionally at Costco.
Nutrition: Good. It isn’t significantly different than Doritos or other nacho chips. For 40 grams (15 chips) is 190 calories, but it does have less sodium, clocking in at 220 mg. It is bit better in terms of nutrition and ingredients, but not significantly different.
Overall: The hearty, nutty tasty of the brown rice is actually quite nice, and the blend of sweet and spice makes it really delicious. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit similar to Doritos, but with a bit of nutty taste and a very minimal nutritional positive difference, I’d say, give it a try.


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