Anna’s Ginger Thins

annagingerthinsWhen it comes to the Christmas holidays, one of the many delicious cookies available are gingerbread cookies. But who says you can’t have them year-round? Anna’s Ginger Thins is one of the number variety of flavors available for a tasty ginger thin cookie treat. It actually is a Swedish recipe, and follows the classic tradition of being a thin and crispy cookie. Ikea also sells this type of Swedish cookie in stores, so this concept isn’t entirely new but rather a traditional recipe that has gone to mass-market.

What I like most about these ginger thin cookies is actually the thinness of it. It is crisp and has a great balance of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. There is a richness to the cookie (clocking in a bit high for the fat content), but the flavor makes it worth while. The thinness also makes them quite versatile, such as using them in place of graham crackers for a twist to a traditional s’more, or using them for a crust or shell.

They are a great treat and also vegan. Plus, the ingredient list isn’t entirely scary compared to other packaged cookies. You might experience a cinnamon overload after eating a few too many servings, so feel free to pair this with a cup of tea just to help balance out that richness. Yes, they are really that good, especially if you’re a fan of gingerbread cookies.

Ratings and Details

Cost: $1.99 – $2.25 for 150 grams (on sale).
Value for Cost: If it is on sale, it’s a delicious treat.
Availability: Selective locations, such as Safeway and London Drugs.
Nutrition: For six cookies (28 grams) at 133 calories, this is a decent treat. However, the fat content is a bit high, coming in at 5 grams per serving and 139 mg of sodium.
Overall: It is a delicious treat, especially for the winter holidays or gingerbread cookie lovers.


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