PC Loads of Jalapeño Popper Flavour Rippled Potato Chips

pcjalapenoSpice it up! That’s the way to enjoy potato chips, and lately, President’s Choice has introduced an extension from their usual line of potato chips flavors for a variety of rippled potato chips that are apparently one step above the usual and loaded with more flavor. So naturally, the Loads of Jalapeño Popper Rippled Potato Chips flavor caught my eye given that spicy is the way to go. Best of all, it’s also rippled too!

Turns out these crunchy potato chips really hold the spice and have a great amount of heat. If you’ve ever been disappointed with the lack of seasoning for some potato chips, this one is sure not to disappoint – It does hold up to its name and is loaded with jalapeno and cheddar flavor. And if you’re a big potato chip fan like myself, this certainly is one that is difficult to put that bag down even though the spice catches up quite fast, it’s just that good!

Ratings and Details

Cost: $2.19 for 235 grams at Real Canadian Superstore.
Value for Cost: Great. President’s Choice does produce a good line of products comparable to the brand-name versions.
Availability: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, and Independent Grocers.
Nutrition: Like many other potato chips, this is loaded with a lot of additives, including MSG, and is packed in with the sodium. It is 270 calories for 50 grams serving (22 chips) with 16 grams of fat, and 400 mg of sodium. Nutritionally, it isn’t different than other potato chips out there. And plus, it certainly packs a might tasty crunch.
Overall: I highly recommend trying this flavor, especially if you happen to be a big fan of jalapeno poppers or just like a spicy potato chip in general. It holds the right about of seasoning and spice (compliments to it being rippled), and is crunchy and delicious.


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