Calbee Hot & Spicy Flavoured Potato Chips

calbeehotspicyCalbee is a popular Japanese snack brand and is especially well-known for their variety of potato chips and prawn crackers that they produce. Upon opening the Hot & Spicy flavoured potato chips,these chips were decent size, and after tasting a few, I noticed that they really aren’t hot and spicy as the name implies. Really, barbecue potato chips is what they are, but with a bit of an interesting flavor to it, since barbecue usually has a mild, smokey taste, which this doesn’t have.

It’s more of a medium spice level or even mild for that matter. But the taste overall is still good, even though it seems hard to pinpoint what. Some of you can relate – I’m not also not a fan of when potato chips lack consistent seasoning. A few chips will have lots of seasoning, and then a few hand-dives into the bag later, are they just plain potato chips now? Well, that isn’t the case for these chips – So thumbs up on that.

A drawback though, as mentioned, is that they really aren’t spicy – more of an Asian barbecue flavor that I actually really like. Plus, they don’t leave you with greasy fingers, and they are vegan too, which is a bit surprising, because Asian potato chip brands tend to have interestingly unique flavors sometimes. Mind you, the cuttlefish varieties are actually pretty good.

Ratings and Details

Cost: $1.89 for 80 grams (on sale) at T&T Supermarket.
Value for Cost: This brand of potato chips typically is priced higher compared to others.
Availability: Asian grocery stores.
Nutrition: These really are no different than other potato chips. However, they do contain MSG. In a 28 gram serving, it is 150 calories, with 135 mg of sodium.
Overall: Disregarding the interesting list of ingredients, these really are a good Asian version of barbecue flavoured potato chips, rather than hot and spicy. Although you may be disappointed with the lack of spice, they’re at least consistent with the seasoning and overall taste. But if you’re looking for something with a substantial amount of heat, then unfortunately, these do miss the mark.


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