Vida Grains Morning Glory

vidagrainsI’m used to sprinkling flax seeds here and there for added nutritional benefits, such as on my salads or in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Discovering Vida Grains, I was instantly intrigued. Vida Grains is a blend of oat bran, flax, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, psyllium, black sesame seeds, and brown rice bran.

The cinnamon and berries morning glory flavor caught my attention. It has great cinnamon taste that is perfect as a yogurt topping – It’s a great means to enhance the nutritional benefits in adding some healthy fats, extra fibre and a little boost of protein.

Ever tried sugar and peanut butter toast? It is seriously an addicting combination: butter toasted bread, spread some peanut butter so it warms up and melts, and sprinkle some sugar over top. So similar to using flax seed as a toast topper, the morning glory flavor with cinnamon would be a delicious addition to this. And throw it in baking while you’re at it- Hey, any opportunity and little excuse for an extra cookie? Count me in.

Ratings and Details

Cost: $13.99 for 200 grams.
Value for Cost:
It is an expensive nutritional supplement.
Health food stores and online.
For 1 tablespoon (14 grams): 60 calories, 4 grams of fat, 0 mg of sodium, 6 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fibre, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 grams of protein.
Overall: It is pricey, but for convenience, ease, as well as taste, it’s a decent add-on.


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