Wow Baking Company Chocolate Chip Cookies

wowchocolateIt can be difficult to find gluten-free cookies that actually don’t actually taste like they’re gluten-free. Well, indulging in cookies just got easier and tastier with Wow Baking Company Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Although I do tend to enjoy cookies that are a bit crispier, these are definitely surprising, because I wouldn’t expect them to be soft, chewy, and quite moist while also being gluten-free. They are not crumbly, or dry – After all, that’s what I would think when it comes to bagged cookies. Although they are in a resealable bag, it is very difficult for those that enjoy their cookies to be soft and moist to save them for another time. Maybe the fact that they are small, mini cookies would help mitigate that from happening, but really, there’s nothing wrong with eating multiple cookies at the end of the day.

Ratings and Details

Cost: $5.99 for 227 grams.
Value for Cost: Considering that they’re gluten-free, it’s decent.
Availability: Major grocery stores, health food stores, and selective number of drug stores.
Nutrition: For 2 oz (57 grams): 240 calories, 11 grams of fat, 160 mg of sodium, 35 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fibre, 20 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.
Overall: It’s possible to enjoy a gluten-free cookies that are soft and chewy. Plus, chocolate chips cookies will never get old.


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