I try to be healthy, but who am I kidding – I love to snack. And no, not always on carrot sticks and celery. I am no plant-hippie, because greasy potato chips are delightful. Heads up: the kettle rippled ones are the best. Why? Because the surface area of rippled chips holds the seasonings better. Animal crackers are also fun to eat. And so is the delicious combination of ice cream with cereal! Ditch the milk (or soy milk, or almond milk, or whatever milk you fancy) and opt for ice cream instead – my recommendation is bran flakes as a cereal of choice. Fibre? Okay, it’s a bonus, but the cereal is actually thicker and holds its crunch when you have a spoonful of yummy ice cream with the texture and crunch of the cereal. Hey, (talk about a conversation starter) snackingĀ  is just that good.

Now, join me as I learn to balance healthy eating with the oh-so many indulgences when it comes to snacks.
Because after all, snacks are not just for kids.


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