Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies

Thin, crispy, and fresh tasting cookies. Now those are the types of cookies I enjoy. And what’s perfect is that Tate’s Bake Shop is known for simply just that! The classic chocolate chip cookies are very close to feeling just like home-made cookies. Crispy cookies that are not chewy – just how I like them. […]

Alter Eco Dark Almond and Dark Quinoa Chocolate

Organically grown, fair trade and delicious chocolate! Now that’s a wonderful combination that one cannot resist. I know I couldn’t, because after all, we’re talking about delightful chocolate here. And there’s no such thing has having too much chocolate. Ever. The Alter Eco Dark Almond Organic Chocolate is simply delicious. Slow roasted, toasted almonds pieces […]

Earth Balance Buttery Spread

A popular dairy-free alternative to butter is Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread. Upon trying this, it spreads very well on toast and melts smoothly. The original buttery spread doesn’t have a strong taste. Rather, it tastes a bit mild in flavor with a creaminess that does resemble butter very well. The salt level isn’t overpowering […]

Theobroma Chocolat

Theobroma ChocolatĀ is a company that focuses on using recyclable and renewable materials whenever possible and support sustainable farming. They really try to balance the value they place on producing quality chocolate, while also thinking about our planet. I am also a fan of their product packaging design. Given the long-shape, it is easy to break […]

Pretzel Crisps

It’s a twist to the typical pretzel! I am a big fan of crunchy snacks, and Pretzel Crisps definitely do not fall short of that, since they are basically flattened pretzels! And being flattened, you’re sure to get a crunch. Plus, you can easily dip them or spread something over top. Ever dipped your pretzels […]