Alter Eco Dark Almond and Dark Quinoa Chocolate

Organically grown, fair trade and delicious chocolate! Now that’s a wonderful combination that one cannot resist. I know I couldn’t, because after all, we’re talking about delightful chocolate here. And there’s no such thing has having too much chocolate. Ever. The Alter Eco Dark Almond Organic Chocolate is simply delicious. Slow roasted, toasted almonds pieces […]

Earth Balance Buttery Spread

A popular dairy-free alternative to butter is Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread. Upon trying this, it spreads very well on toast and melts smoothly. The original buttery spread doesn’t have a strong taste. Rather, it tastes a bit mild in flavor with a creaminess that does resemble butter very well. The salt level isn’t overpowering […]

Navitas Naturals Blueberry Hemp Power Snack

Ever need something quick, because you’re just on the go? Well, this is an all-star, nutrient-dense snack that is sure to satisfy your taste buds and growling stomach. Navitas Naturals Blueberry Hemp Power Snack combines wholesome and nutritious ingredients into a bite-size form. Don’t let looks deceive you. Even though I don’t think these snacks […]